We are Mirrors of Each Other


This is a more personal and introspective post, but it’s becoming one of my recurrent thoughts lately.

Could witnessing something extremely sad and heartbreaking change permanently your perspective on life? The worst aspect of feeling like you lost a part of yourself is not knowing how to get it back or if you ever will. And do people make a comeback to teach you something about yourself you didn’t get? Who is really experiencing life: the carefree spirit that burns bridges and never settles down or the one who commits, nurtures and builds?

We are mirrors of each other: people we feel drawn to reflect our inner self, and we act as a mirror for them as well. We are all interconnected and interdependent. Simple as that. “Like attracts like” is one of the spiritual laws of the universe. And everything and everyone is your mirror. What this means is that others are reflecting part of your own consciousness back to you, giving you the opportunity to really see yourself and ultimately grow. Everything you admire in another person belongs to you and the same goes for all that you dislike. In order for you to recognise a certain quality in another, then you must own it.  You could not see it otherwise. It is only when you truly understand what it means to see yourself reflected back at you, that there is no room for blame, there is no room for judgement and there is no room to feel like a victim of another person’s actions or words. There is only room for understanding and gratitude. Compromise comes easy, forgiveness is a given and growth is inevitable.

Be loving and respectful to all people, and you will attract individuals that will love and respect you back. Nurture compassion and empathy and let the goodness you see in others be your mirror.






How to be a Parisian in Dubai

This Week We Love

The truth is everyone admires les Parisiennes: they are naturally chic and desirable, they admit to being snobs, unpredictable but not unreliable, bossy and opinionated yet tender and romantic.

They always know how to be mysterious and stylish, they will tell you the right way to approach people at the gym, they will share with you the best addresses in town, for where to go at the end of the night, for a birthday, for a smart date, for vintage findings and much more.

Here is where to find that Parisian allure in Dubai (well it’s also my absolute favorite spot in town):


Launched in 2012 by Emma Sawko (a true Parisian), Comptoir 102 has been acclaimed one of the best concept stores in the city by international travel guides and fashion magazines. The space has been conceived as a home – with its kitchen, lounge, garden and terrace combing fashion, design, jewellery, beauty and organic café. This amazing store, nestled in the heart of old Jumeirah, between sea and palm trees, is a little sanctuary away from the malls.



Essential Bibliography:

Sophie Mas, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret, Anne Berest – How to be a Parisian wherever you are – Ebury Press.

This Week We Love



Tribe is an independent, bespoke home decor studio located at The Courtyard, Al Quoz. It’s a truly hidden gem, a special place with a strong core belief in sourcing ethical, sustainable, handmade, fair trade and natural products directly from talented craftspeople and artists globally.

Curated by Australian designer Jo England, Tribe has an enchanting essence of natural beauty with a one-of-a-kind chic edge.

If you head there this weekend, it’s winter clearance – up to 60% off beautiful furniture, home accessories, cushions, rugs and lighting.

And don’t forget to grab a coffee and a sweet treat at Boston Lane Cafe, so yummy!