That Early Morning Feeling

I’ve always loved that early morning feeling, when all is quiet and still, and silence gracefully embraces you and your first thoughts of the day.

Here are some habits I learned gradually since arriving in Dubai that changed my life for the better (and yes they work, even if you are a busy professional or a school-run mama). No more cranky moods! It is proven that the first 10 minutes after you wake up are the most influential time, that’s why it is important to have a mindful routine and ritual in place to make sure your mind and body are happy from the very start.

*No Snooze – I always choose a time to get up and tell myself that the snooze bottom is not even an option.

*Do some Pilates Matwork exercises (or simply stretch, if you are not familiar with the Pilates conditioning) – Moving your body first thing in the morning has several health benefits, including muscle and joint flexibility, stress relief, and improved circulation.

*Water – About 60% of our body is made of water and, after sleeping for 7-8 hours without water, your body is practically begging to be replenished. I usually start my mornings with a tall glass of water with a drop of doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil (if you prefer, Lemon essential oil is awesome too to boost your immune system).

*Breakfast – For so many years in a row, my breakfast was just a quick cup of green tea while getting ready for work.. wrong choice! I’ve learned at my expenses that there are so many healthy benefits to eating a real breakfast: above all, it kickstarts your metabolism helping you burn calories throughout the day. Now I feel weak and “empty” if I do not start my day with a yummy, whole food brekkie. My favorite healthy bowl at the moment is: blackberries, raspberries, almond, sunflower seeds, Greek yoghurt and honey. I also take a spoonful of vanilla coconut oil to help balance blood sugar.

*Music – You might want to start your day with upbeat music or you might prefer soothing calming and relaxing: whatever you chose, be sure it makes you feel good and charges your morning! Music is life. Or you can listen to a Podcast to uplift your mood (and it’s great company while commuting or doing the school-run: my top two at the moment are The Minimalists (those two guys are one of my obsession) and Hol:Fit Talks (thanks to a lovely friend that suggested me this helpful, intentional Podcast).

*No Phone – Honestly, I still have to work a little bit on this. Turn off your phone notifications. If you are worried about emergencies, flip your mobile over to its “do not disturb” mode: the people who need you will be able to reach you.

*Read – Just because reading enriches your soul and makes you discover exciting new universes. Soak your mind in words. And when you choose to read a positive, encouraging book, this practice is something that makes a big difference.

Well, enjoy your early mornings!